Farewell. >:(<

Good day, wonderful people! <3

So guys, you’ve probably noticed that I barely go online in my tumblr blogs. Reasons are:

(1) school (graduated as a Senior HS student and college starts in late May)

(2) too busy

(3) no long spare time (because having a short time in tumblr is not enough for me)

Since I cannot manage any of my blogs (cinnamonglazedenchanting-resplendence and peetaandharry) anymore, I have decided to take all of them down.

If you have noticed, I didn’t post anything in my personal blog since last month. The posts lately have all been instagram photos. Well, that’s what I did to keep the blog alive. =))

To all of the friends I met here in tumblr, I sent some of you a message on where you guys can contact me. For those who didn’t receive a message from me (sorry I don’t remember all of you guys :c huhu), message me here in tumblr for I will leave my blogs open until next week. :)

It’s been a pleasure to interact with you guys and it has also been an honor to be a part of the tumblr world. I’ll miss all of you but I will still check out some of you guys - as an anonymous. :D I LOVE YOU~ <4 (because <3 is not enough) You will always be in my heart (hihi cheesy). And always remember that I’m here for you. :)